How to Make a Duct Tape Rose

In this tutorial I will go through the steps required to make your very own Duct Tape Rose! This can be done with any Duct Tape, although we recommend using our Coloured Duct Tape.

What you will need:-          Red Duct Tape

-          Green Duct Tape

-          Piece of Wire (approx. 10inch)


Creating the stem:To begin, cut a length of green duct tape the size you would like to the stem to be and begin wrapping the tape around the wire until it is completely covered.

Alternatively you could use a pen for the rose stem, creating a Duct tape rose pen, but just make sure you don’t cover the tip of the pen!

Making the Petals:Creating the petals is easy. Simply cut a small piece of tape, about 2inch x 2inch and fold one corner down while leaving a strip of adhesive at the side and bottom. Repeat this with the other corner and you should end up with a triangle top section, with a strip of adhesive at the bottom.  Duct-Tape-Rose-Step-3

Creating the rose centre:Start by tightly wrapping the first petal that we just created around the stem in a tight coil. In order to make the rose look more realistic, the first petal should be ¼ inch lower than the rest of the rose petals, so keep this in mind when positioning it.

Continue adding a few more petals to the steam as described above. At this stage make sure that the petals are relatively close together, we will start spreading them out soon.

Finishing the Duct Tape Rose:Once you have completed the centre of the rose you can begin making larger petals, placing them a bit higher up and spacing them out than previously. Continue this process until you build the rose up to the size you would like, you can adjust the spacing of the petals when you have them all attached.  Duct-Tape-Rose-Step-5
That’s it!And there you have it, your very own duct tape rose!  Duct-Tape-Rose-Step-6