How to tape hockey shin pads

How to tape hockey shin pads

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When taping shin pads, clear plastic often referred to as ‘sock tape’ is the best choice.

Hockey sock tape is flexible with a nice balance of adhesive and flex that works with your leg muscles and stride, bringing the shin pad to a snug fit.

Taping your shin pads properly is important for comfort and safety. It’s important for comfort because a pad that is not snuggly in place, other than feeling uncomfortable will shift and restrict movement, getting in the way of your skates.

When not using hockey sock tape the shin pad will come right down on top of your skates and as you skate, it will get in the way and cause interference with your stride.

When taping your shin pads, you generally start just below the knee cap of the shin pad, just below the shin cap.

  1. To begin, start by wrapping the sock tape twice just below the shin cap, keeping the tape fairly tight.
  2. Once you have made two wraps,  without cutting the tape move down to the lower section of the shin pad and make another two wraps with the tape,  keeping it fairly tight.
  3. After making two passes with the tape at the top and bottom of the shin pad, a great tip is to fold the end of the tape on itself, creating a handy tab that makes removing the tape easy.

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