Sticky Tips for World Cup Celebrations

Sticky Tips for World Cup Celebrations

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As well as a chance to enjoy some great football, the World Cup is a time to celebrate (and commiserate) with friends and family. But how can you and your fellow supporters experience the thrills and spills of World Cup action without trashing your home?

One great idea is to use carpet protection film. Carpet protection film adheres securely to the carpet, creating a safe walking surface that protects it from spilt food and drink as well as muddy feet. So if your pre-match barbeque is interrupted by the familiar British summer rain, your guests can run indoors without ruining your carpet.

A simple way to protect your valuables from the excited crowd in your living room is to apply some strategically placed glass safety backing film. Glass safety backing film holds delicate items such as mirrors and glass tabletops together should they be on the receiving end of a goal-time celebration, securing fragments if they are shattered or broken.

Finally, we all know how versatile duct tap is, but during the World Cup it is ideal for creating colourful flags. Whether making flag bunting for your home or something larger, such as for the side of your vehicle, easy-tear duct tape comes in a variety of colours. So, it couldn’t be easier to show which team you are sticking with throughout the tournament.