Protective Films - We've got Every Surface Type Covered!

Protection Films

Protective film should be the go to solution for protecting many different kinds of materials and surfaces - it is simple yet incredibly effective for greatly reducing the risk of scratches, spills or any other kind of damage. Of course not every surface is the same, and that's why we offer a range of different options for anybody who's in need of surface protection film or protection tape. Each protective film is designed to adhere safely and securely to a specific surface, and to come away with ease.

General Purpose Protection Tape

There are many different uses for protection tape - you may need a temporary cover to protect an item from dirt and scratches while it's in transit, or you might need to protect surfaces from damage while construction work or redecoration is taking place in the surrounding area. We offer a variety of tapes, including a transparent option which allows the covered area to be viewed through the protection tape and a black option which is especially appropriate for outdoor use. These tapes can be used on a huge variety of surfaces including wood, metal and plastic.

Protective Film for Glass

As well as a tape which has been designed especially for glass, we also have a film that is suitable for use as a temporary glazing film for windows and glass tables. Like all our other surface protection film products, this leaves no residue after being removed.

Protective Film for Hardwood Floor

This is a versatile film which can be used on solid oak floors and laminate flooring, and it provides protection from dirt, paint or water spills, and heavy footfall. It's perfect for using during construction or renovation work, and can also be really useful during parties - when a lot of people are going to be walking over your flooring and the risk of spills is high.

Protective Film for Carpets

The surface protection film for carpets does a similar job to the one for hardwood floor, protecting carpets from potentially damaging substances and the pressure of lots of people. These films are reverse wound, making them even easier to stick down, and they are far safer than using dust sheets since they provide a smooth, flat surface for walking on.

Whatever your needs, there's probably a film or protection tape that can help keep your surfaces safe!