Carpet Protector Film - Keep that carpet clean!

Considering how useful Carpet Protector Film can be for a wide number of different jobs and occasions, it's always surprising to discover that a lot of people still haven't heard about it. Quite simply, protective carpet film is a temporary cover designed to guard carpets against the spoilage which can be caused by having work done, or hosting an event.

So how does it work? We supply an adhesive carpet protection film - the self-adhering surface sticks to the carpet, leaving you with a smooth and flat edge for walking on. This significantly reduces the danger of slips and trips, and is certainly safer than throwing an old sheet down! While the Carpet Protector Film is in place it can withstand the heavy foot traffic which might come with a party or any job which requires a lot of workers; it is also UV protected and waterproof - so it will resist paint, or anything else which might get spilt. When your carpet is no longer under threat the protective carpet film can be easily removed without leaving any residue.

If your home or property is undergoing any kind of building work or maintenance - from electrical work to having the plumbing risk - there is a high risk of damage to your carpet. Any big job brings a high likelihood of wear and tear, as many people will be walking over the same patches of carpet multiple times. This can mean threadbare carpets or even more serious damage. At the same time, most jobs will involve the use of some messy substances - from paint and glue to construction debris. Adhesive carpet protection film will even shield your carpet from the mud traipsed in on people's shoes!

Although renovation and refurbishment may seem like the most obvious uses for Carpet Protector Film, it also comes in surprisingly useful during parties and gatherings. Regardless of the situation, any time you're bringing significantly more people into a space than would usually be found there it's fantastic to have some protection against the extra footfall. Again, there is also the danger of spills - a lot of drinks commonly found at parties, especially some alcohols, can cause especially nasty stains.

Ultimately, protective carpet film can save you from both the expense and the hassle of having to have a carpet cleaned or even replaced, and it does so in a straightforward and cost effective way!

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