Building Contractor Supplies

Building Contractor Supplies

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Building Contractor Supplies


Whether you’re a professional builder or a homeowner about to embark on a D.I.Y project, the chances are you’ll need supplies and accessories to help you get the job done. There are dozens of different products specifically designed to make a builder’s job easier, and ensure that the results are of the highest possible standard. Here are a few highlights to bear in mind next time you’re faced with a big job:


Paving Sealer

Paving sealer is a must have item for anybody with an upcoming landscaping project – it will allow you to protect your paving and, depending on the job at hand, can also offer benefits such as colour enhancement and resistance to chemicals. Landscapers can also benefit from using our preservatives and jointing compounds, and looking after paving and patio areas is made much easier with the help of fungicidal wash or mould & algae treatment.

Sika Patio Seal Paving Sealer


Trafficline Marking Painteverbuild-trafficline-line-marking-paint-colour-yellow-size-700ml-11987-p

This solvent based marking paint is ideal for jobs where you need to mark out traffic lines, such as car parks, tennis courts, landing strips and playgrounds. You can use it on most surfaces including asphalt and concrete, and the choices of yellow and red as well as white means you can also mark out hazards and prohibited areas.

Everbuild Trafficline Line Marking Paint


Expanding Foam

Expanding foams are absolutely fantastic for sealing off gaps without any hassle. As well as several different types of spray fexpanding-foams-67-coam, you can get expandable foam tapes, foam cleaner and foam remover – everything necessary for getting the job done!

Expanding Foam Products


Self-Levelling Compound

Self-levelling compound is excellent for smoothing out irregular surfaces on both internal and external floors – for instance, wooden floors, floating floors and concrete slabs. The huge range means that there is something to make every builder’s life esikalevel-fibrefloor-self-levelling-compound-12516-pasier, from compounds which are ideal for use with under-floor heating systems, to those which are especially easy to apply or quick to set.

SikaLevel FibreFloor Self-Levelling Compound


Hard Floor Protection Film

This product can be used to protect wooden floors or other hard floorings from heavy footfall, spills and other deverbuild-roll-stroll-hard-floor-protector-4857-pamage. No big building job should be without it, since it will stop the repeated pressure of worker’s feet damaging the floor whilst also resisting paint spills and other fluids. It can be just as useful during parties or other large gatherings – any time you’re expecting a lot of people in one place.

There are so many more useful products for builders that we simply can’t list them all, but hopefully this selection has given you some idea of what’s out there!

Everbuild Roll & Stroll Hard Floor Protector


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