10 Awesome Wood Sculptures

We've been using wood in some form or another for so long, that it's easy to forget just how awesome the material really is. We often take a largely utilitarian view of it - wood does the job, and does the job well, so just think of it as the stuff we make our tables from, or build houses with. But even today, there are some who go nuts creating incredible artwork out of wood. Here are ten of our favourites.


The Body Bench

Photo courtesy of FoolHut

Somehow both creepy and comical, this bench takes the form of a man and a woman - or at least, their olde worlde clothes. We particularly like the way they seem to be holding hands.


The Pigeon Phone

Photo courtesy of NotCot

Manuela Viera-Gallo is a Chilean artist with a bit of a twist sense of humour. How else can you explain this pigeon who's been decapitated; his head replaced with a megaphone.


The 'Leather' Jacket

Photo courtesy of Angry Boar

File this one under 'real enough to wear'. At first glance, all it is is a hip-looking leather jacket. But look closely, and see how it's been beautifully crafted from wood, right down to the creases on the collar. Beautiful.


The Robot

Photo courtesy of Like Cool

Mike Rea's robotic design is clearly based on the machine in James Cameron's Aliens. It's simultaneously an intricate yet simple design. And we definitely wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of that fist!


The Inside-Out Horse

Photo courtesy of DaveExports

Bit of a weird one, this. At first glance, it's like a nightmare (Or should that be 'night mare'?), but take a closer look and you'll notice how the sculpture is a heavily stylised take on a horse's insides, with ribs and muscles proudly on display.


The Rock Band

Photo courtesy of WalYou

Mike Rea returns to our list, with this amazing rock band set-up. Such a detailed rendition of every band necessity: the drums, amp, guitar, and even a keyboard. We reckon a talented musician could make genuine music with this sculpture!


The Village

Photo courtesy of Graphic Ashen

Believe it or not, this is the world's largest wood sculpture. Conjured up by Chinese artist, Zheng Chunhui, it's a replica of a famous Chinese painting, carved into the trunk of a 12-foot tree. It took four years to craft - and is utterly awe=inspiring.


The Mirror Image

Photo courtesy of LoStateMinor

Great art tells a story - and sculptures like this one do precisely that. What is the girl thinking? What does her pose tell you about her? We love these sculptures by Peter Demetz. They're so lifelike, you'd swear they were moving statues like we see on the streets.


The Fused Faces

Photo courtesy of Feed World

We all know art should show the breadth of human emotion, right? Well, Japanese artist, Yoshitoshi Kanemaki, has taken that to a whole new level with his series of fused faces and skeletons - all created from camphor wood. Surreal? Yes. Jaw-dropping? Definitely.


The Cut-Down, Re-Assembled Tree

Photo courtesy of Weird Wood

Artist, Philippe Handford wanted to make a serious statement with his collection of wooden sculptures. Finding trees that had been illegally cut down in England, he did what any sane artist would do: put them back together, piece of piece. Now that's creative.


These art-works just go to show what's possible with a little creativity and vision - not to mention a chisel! But what are your favourites, which ones really blew you away? Or have you discovered other incredible sculptures elsewhere that are just as awesome? Let us know!