Alien Tape - A Chimney Sweep's Dream

Gone are the days of the Victorian era when chimney sweeps were sooty young boys, directly in the center of poverty. Time has moved on and these days, we think of chimney sweeping in way as builders or joiners. Hard-working individuals who aren’t afraid of graft. However, as with many manual trades, there are challenges in the job. One of these in particular is the inevitable dusty conditions and finding successful ways of defeating the soot.

Every chimney sweep out there will have struggled to find a good adhesive tape. Eurocel, KwikGrip – you’ve probably tried them all! Now, however, you can abandon your search as we present you with the one and only Alien tape! We are proud to say we have solved an application problem for chimney sweeps everywhere. Those of you who have struggled to get an adhesive tape that works well during the chimney sweeping process will never need to struggle again. Extra-sticky, extra-versatile and extraterrestrial! From a galaxy far, far away comes our high quality Duct Tape that takes stickiness and versatility to a whole new dimension... It’s mission: to firmly stick where no tape has stuck before.

Our extraterrestrial Alien tape contains a rubber-based adhesive that is tacky and secure at th
e same time. It’s ideal for use on uneven surfaces, making it the perfect choice for many trades, including chimney sweeping. Not only is it waterproof, it produces a crisp, clean tare with minimal effort and resists twisting and curling. Gone are the days of fiddling and faffing – it’s time to reach a new dimension and get the job done. But don’t just take our word for it! A chimney sweep named Andrew has tried and tested Alien tape whilst completing a day’s work. Here’s what he had to say about our tape from outer space…

 ‘Well, what can I say? Very strong, easy to tear, and no residue left on the surfaces. As a chimney sweep it’s very important to conceal every bit of soot behind the sheet. Alien tape guarantees success every time. A good product at a good price and its bright blue colouring makes it easy to find. I’d definitely use it again!’

 As you can tell, Andrew is more than happy with the product. Now, you can be too! So congratulations, chimney sweeps – your days of sticky struggles are now officially over!


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