An Alien-Taped Adventure...

An Alien-Taped Adventure...

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"Dad?" asked Tashan on a warm, sunny morning. "Can we make a rocket?"

It was the second week of the summer holidays and Mark had decided to take Tashan to work with him. He didn't want his son lounging around doing nothing. Tashan, however, had other ideas. He was restless, full of energy and was getting very bored.

"No, Son," answered Mark. "I've got to repair Mrs Ramsbottom's fence and then I've got another job to go to."

Tashan's brown eyes filled with tears and immediately Mark felt guilty.

"Oh, ok," sighed Mark. "But we'll have to be quick. You run inside and tell Mrs Ramsbottom that we're just taking a lunch break."

Tashan didn't need to be told twice. He raced inside the house with a huge grin across his face. Mark pulled open the back of his van. As a joiner, he was never short of equipment. He found three empty bottles, some small stilts of wood, a piece of MDF and a tyre pump. It would be easy to rustle up a rocket, but how would they stick it together? He racked his brains for a few moments to try and think of a solution... Then it came to him - Alien tape!

"I've told her, Dad!" said an excited Tashan after racing out of the house to the van. "Are you ready?"

Mark smiled at Tashan and ruffled his hair. "Yes, Son," he replied. "I'm ready."

Together, they drove to a nearby park and found an empty patch of grass. Mark showed Tashan how to cut through the plastic bottles and join them together as one, with the tip of one bottle as the nose of the rocket. Held firmly together by the Alien tape, the bottles were secure. A simple yet versatile product. Mark swore alien-tape-rocketby the stuff. With its excellent tack and quick grab, it could be used on most materials.

"Wow, Dad, that's amazing!" Tashan exclaimed in awe once they had finished the construction. Their 'rocket' was indeed amazing. Made of three bottles on top of wooden stilts, with a piece of MDF as the base - and all bound together with Alien tape!

"Glad you like it," answered Mark. "Now, on the count of three, we have lift off!"

Mark counted down and Tashan pushed the tyre pump as hard as he could. The rocket was blasted right up in the sky and they both cheered and high-fived each other.

'Good old Alien tape,' thought Mark to himself. 'It always does the job...'


Behold: STELLA-AQUARAMA-2. Max launch pressure, 6 bar. Estimated apogy, 250m. Estimated velocity, 90 m/sec. Probability of launch pad explosion, high!

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