Sticky Products - New Website Launch!

To all our esteemed customers, we are pleased to inform you that we are done with the redesign process of our official website and it will be launched today(or any date). We know that the website is a very important platform for you to get access to our products easily, anytime, and anywhere with just a click of a button. That is why we took the initiative to redesign our website in order to make it more responsive and user-friendly.
We have redesigned our website to make it much easier for our customers, who depend on it for their research about our products, find it easy to navigate around comparing prices and other advantages of an item before deciding on the best that suits them.
We have rebuilt our website into a more navigable one to make it easy for our customers get access to our different products in the shortest time possible. The new website comes with more improved features extra resources, a whole new visual design , and better tools.

Here's a comparison of the old website design compared to the new design. 

Old Website:

Sticky Products Old Website

New Website:

Sticky Products New Wesbite

Listed below are the main features which were not in the old design but are now included in this newly redesigned website that will make a customer's experience more friendly.

  • Auto complete search bar for easy product search. In our new design, an auto complete search bar has been implemented to help customers search our products in the whole website. The search bar is auto complete meaning it has the ability to predict and complete a text the customer is typing. This will see our customers find names of product easily and save them time.
  • Customers can see estimated delivery on the cart page. Customers who select our products on the cart page for an eventual purchase will now be able to view the expected dates of product delivery to them from us. 
  • Product availability on the product page. Another key improvement on the new design has been making the availability of a product viewable on the product page. Customers will now find it easy to know which products are available and on sale by just visiting the product page.
  • See when you can expect your product This is another great improvement on the new design, though it has not been fully implemented. We apologize but our technical team is working on it and it will be available soon. Once completed and implemented, our customers will now be able to see the exact dates when they expect their purchased products reach them. 

Reflecting our resilient engagement to providing our customers with the best, we invite any feedback or suggestions from our esteemed customers as we carry on with improving this website and making it look even better.