How to: Apply Masking / Painters Tape

How to: Apply Masking / Painters Tape

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Here I’ll go through the process of applying Paper Masking Tape to skirting board, although these methods can be used to most applications.

To begin with, ensure the surface is clean as the Masking Tape will not stick to a dusty surface. Using a large old brush or cloth, give the skirting board a quick once over and remove any dirt and debris.

Now when your start off with your tape, because your starting in the corner you want to rip the tape slightly on an angle. That way the tape will go into the corner better and you have a nice sharp point.

So starting from your corner, place the point of the tape into corner of the skirting board. Now you don’t rip it off in small pieces, you always hold the roll, line the tape up and gently push it down and apply it while you work along the edge of the skirting in long strips. The actual roll of masking tape should be hard up against the wall, as this helps guide the tape along the edge and provides a nice straight line against the wall.

Once you have finished applying the tape to the length of skirting, grab a putty knife and start running it over where the tape meets the wall. The rounded edge of the putty knife make it the ideal tool for going back over and pushing the tape back down.  It is possible for you to achieve the same result using a scraper, although scrapers have a pointed edge meaning there is always the risk that you could dig in and damage the wall. By taking this extra step, you ensure that no paint is going to get under the  masking tape.

Once you have worked you way around the room and applied the masking tape to all the sides of the room, it comes to the part of joining the end of the masking tape to where we started. Apply

as you have done previously, keeping the roll hard against the wall to produce a straight line then gently push it down. When you are at the actual corner, remove more tape than needed to join the two ends, and using a putty knife, push the tape into the corner of the skirting. While you are still holding the putty knife on top of the tape, pull the roll of tape and you will end up with a nice neat corner every time.


3M 2120 Masking Tape  is a great high quality product, available in a variety of sizes for various applications.

We recommend you use our 38mm 3M 2120 Masking Tape for skirting boards, as its wide enough to hang over the skirting board, providing additional coverage/protection.