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D4 Tounge & Groove Foaming Adhesive Application Guide

Our D4 Chipboard Flooring Adhesive is specially designed for tounge and groove applications, sealing nail heads and adjacent areas, as well as for use on the actual joist itself.

Here is our recommended application guide when working with our D4 Tounge & Groove adhesive.

Features & Benefits

-          Low cost option

-          Multi-use adhesive – can be used for the tounge and groove as well as the joists themselves.

-          Easy to use and apply due to 1kg hand held bottle

-          Foaming adhesive is visible between the joints ensuring a strong seal is made


Step 1 – Joist Adhesive Application

To begin with, apply two continuous beads of the adhesive along the top of the joist. The glue should only be applied to the area which is about to be directly laid.


Step 2 – Perimeter Panel Fixing

Now its time to fix the perimeter panels. This should be done using ring shank nails or screws with 200-300mm centres. They should be fixed flush or just below the panel surface.



Step 3 – Tounge & Grove Adhesive Application

Apply the D4 adhesive liberally to both the tounge and grove of the profile joint on each panel to ensure the entire joint is bonded. Once applied, pushing the boards together should result in a small amount of adhesive squeezing out the tounge and groove, with enough to cover any exposed chipboard on the joint.


Step 4 – Panel Fixing

Using the methods mentioned above, continue laying the boards in a staggered format. Panels may be secretly nailed through the tounge at T&G joints. For optimum performance it is recommended that there is 5 mechanical fixings per 22 x 2400 x 600mm board when fitted at 600mm centres.


Step 5 – Complete Sealing

When installing panels that feature a protective film, it is common for the film to become loose and peel back from the edges. This can be stuck back down using the tounge and groove adhesive. The adhesive should also be applied to any exposed nail heads, cut edges and any exposed perimeter edges.


Step 6 – Clean Down

When construction and decoration work has been completed and the building is weather tight, it is time to clean down the panels. If using traditional panels, any excess adhesive should be removed using a scraper. If using panels that feature a protective film, this can now be removed.


For a long lasting waterproof seal, we recommend using our D4 Foaming Chipboard Flooring Adhesive.