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How to Use Expanding Foam

Handheld Expanding FoamExpanding Foam is incredibly useful for filling and sealing gaps, providing insulation and protection. It can be especially handy for getting into hard to reach places or filling irregular spaces, and is a popular tool for home owners and professionals alike. Once you've decided that expanding foam is right for you it can be tricky to know where to start - here's a step by step guide to get you started!

1. Preparation

You'll need to make sure that the area you're working on is clean and free from any debris, and give it a quick wipe down. While you're in the preparation stage you'll also want to read the instructions on the can and don a pair of disposable gloves. Typically it's also advisable to make sure you're not working at a temperature below 5 degrees Celsius or above 25 degrees Celsius.

2. Setting Up

Follow any instructions for getting the can ready, such as attaching the application nozzle to the valve on top. Then dampen the gap you're going to fill by spraying a fine mist of water over the area. Now it's almost time to get to work - shake the can for approximately 20 seconds before you start.

3. Spraying

Although the cans can be used at a variety of angles, upside down is often recommended. Work upwards from the bottom of the hole you want to fill and remember - the foam expands! That might sound obvious, but it's important to keep it in mind and avoid over-filling. While you're working it can be helpful to shake the can regularly and keep spraying the area with water, since moisture aids the expansion.

4. Finishing Off

Each kind of foam will take a certain amount of time to dry - check the can. Once it is dry it's normal to find that the foam has expanded outside of the gap, simply cut away the excess and sand it down for a smooth finish.

It's as simple as that! If you want to use the foam again then you can clean the applicator tube out with a little spray lubricant and a wire.

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