D4 PU Chipboard Flooring Adhesive Guide

Are you looking for a durable adhesive? Then we've got the answer for you - introducing D4 PU Chipboard Flooring Adhesive - the flooring glue that's built to last. As a joiner or carpenter, you'll love this...


What is it?

The D4 PU Chipboard Flooring Adhesive is a super-strong liquid glue designed for use on all types of wood. As you'll probably be aware, those letters, 'D4', tell you instantly that the glue is 100% water resistant, and conforms to the requirements of EN 204 - that means the glue fully meets both British and European standards. According to the British Standards Institute, D4 is the highest durability rating of its class: 'Interior with frequent long-term exposure to running or condensed water. Exterior exposed to weather but with protection by an adequate surface coating.' Oh, if you were wondering what the 'PU' is all about, it stands for polyurethane - which is a type of plastic. That's one for the pub quiz.


What will it bond?

So you want to know what this product will bond? In short, everything wooden. The uses for our D4 PU Chipboard Flooring Adhesive are numerous - that's the beauty of the product. Whether it's chipboard or plywood; windows or garden furniture, this particular glue is up to the task. In fact, whatever type of wood you have, the D4 PU Chipboard Flooring Adhesive will firmly bond with it. So it's a product you can not only trust, but also consistently rely on.


What do you do?

So you're looking to apply the glue. It all starts with a clean, dry surface, just waiting to be bonded. Make sure both surfaces you intend to glue are also free of any grease or dust. Simply apply the glue to the area, and spread if required. Immediately afterwards, bring both surfaces together, and apply firm pressure - no shifting, moving, and especially no moonwalking! During this initial cure time, the two surfaced you're bonding need to stay in full contact.  It won't take long before the durable D4 PU Chipboard Flooring Adhesive begins to work its magic.


What are the benefits?

Strength isn't the only thing this glue has going for it - although we certainly recommend it for that. Whether you're working on a project inside or out, the D4 PU Chipboard Flooring Adhesive is the solution you need, and is ideal for bonding board to joist, and tongue and groove joint. Basically, then, it's a glue that really gets the job done. It also has an outstanding thermal resistance, which means it won't wreck your work under serious heat; it remains tough in temperatures up to 140 degrees. What we love about this product, too, is the way the glue itself will expand to fill gaps in the work, adding to the ease of use, and the possibilities available to you.

What's the conclusion?

Well, we dig on the old D4 PU Chipboard Flooring Adhesive, and we think you will too. Here's why...

  • Bonds every type of wood known to man (and probably a few that aren't!)
  • Suitable for exterior and interior use
  • Totally waterproof
  • Impressive heat resistance
  • Expands to suit your needs
  • Use acetone to clean
  • Super-easy application

Still not convinced? Give us a call - we'd love to show you just how versatile this incredible adhesive can be. OK, we're not saying it'll change your life - but it'll definitely change the way you work!