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Foam Tapes from Sticky Products

What Are They
Foam tapes are wound strips of foam coated on one or two sides with adhesive enabling them to stick to surfaces. They are commonly used as a dust, air or water sealant, or to fill gaps between two close surfaces. This, in turn, enables them to effectively dampen sound, insulate surfaces, cushion objects close to one another and seal gaps.

Why Use Them
Foam tapes are resistant to moisture, heat, ultraviolet, solvents and show great performance in changing thermal conditions. They are equally adept at bonding different substrates, effectively filling remaining space between the surfaces. Their versatility makes them invaluable across a variety of applications.

Ideal uses
The perfect solution to many bonding and sealing applications, foam tapes are commonly used in the automotive, glazing, HVAV & construction industries. Ideal as a weatherstripping or gasketing tape, foam tapes insulating properties make them the perfect alternative to sealants & caulks.

How to use them
Standard single-sided foam tapes will come wound with a release liner protecting the adhesive coating. To apply simply remove this liner and place the tape along the desired line, applying pressure to strengthen the adhesive bond. A standard double-sided foam tape will come with a release liner on both sides and can be applied similarly. When applying pressure to the first substrate, provide only light pressure; then when applying the second substrate to the tape, apply more firm pressure.

The Sticky Products range
Our range of foam tapes comprises of both single-sided and double-sided options including top brands 3M and Flowstrip. The selection also includes PVC, acrylic and polyethylene foam types.

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