HVAC & Plumbing – The Sticky Products Collection

HVAC & Plumbing – The Sticky Products Collection

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One of the newer features of the Sticky Products website is our new industry collections. These collections group together all the associated products for a specific trade industry, in this example, the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Plumbing industry. These collections are typically where you can find all the products that you will need in your industry, saving you time and effort compared to searching for each individual product.

The Collection
In the HVAC & Plumbing collection, there is a range of adhesive tapes capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, ideal for waterproofing joints. Also included are numerous tile adhesives and grouts fit for application to floors, walls and ceilings. Our range of waterproof adhesives and sealants can help add the finishing touches to the job whilst our range of treatment products can help restore previous work to its former glory.

Central Heating Treatments
For those needing more specialist products, we also have two sub-collections in our HVAC & Plumbing collection. The first of these sub-collections is our range of Central Heating Treatments. This contains specialist products for the cleaning, sealing, silencing and protection of central heating systems.

Plumbers Range
In contrast, the Plumber’s Range sub-collection is where you can easily find our specialist range for plumbers including; plumber’s putty, white pipe jointing compound, flux soldering paste, PVC pipe cement and plumber’s gold sealant.

Browsing Tips
When browsing the collection, the quick view and add to cart features lets you quickly see essential details and add items to your basket without going through to individual product pages. These features can greatly streamline your purchasing experience allowing you to complete orders faster and with less fuss.

New Trade Accounts
If you want to take full advantage of our industry collections, why not combine it with one of our new trade accounts to receive a 5% discount coupon off your next purchase (available up until January 3rd, 2017). There are many other great benefits to our new trade accounts including; a faster checkout process, the ability to save multiple shipping addresses, and an area to view & track your orders. To set up your trade account, click here.