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Landscaping – The Sticky Products Collection

Just in time for a Landscaper’s busiest time of year, we’ve just finished updating our Landscaping Collection. With Spring just around the corner, every Landscaper braces themselves for the sudden surge of enquiries and work that is likely to come their way. And Sticky Products are here to help.

The Collection
With a number of stains, treatments, oils & sealers; a Landscaper can be sure to prepare any shed, fence or timber feature for the colder months of Autumn & Winter. There is also a great range of products for stones, paving, patios & tarmacs featuring cleaners, sealers & jointing compounds.

Industry Recognised Brands
If like us, quality is a priority for you and your clients, you’ll find a product you can rely on in our collection with industry trusted brands such as Sika and Everbuild making up most of the products on offer.

You Won’t Miss Out
If a product is on Sale, you won’t even have to leave the collection and go to our Sale section. Its price will automatically update ensuring you get the best deal and making our Landscaping Collection the place to be.

Making The Most Of It
As with all our collections, the greatest benefit of our Landscaping Collection is to use it to speed up your shopping experience. Find all the products you’re likely to need in one location, use the Cart or Quick-Look button to add items to your cart without leaving the list, then check out all in double quick time. Combine it with one of our Trade Accounts and you can speed up the checkout process even more, meaning you can have your products ordered in mere minutes.