Specifier Sealants from Sticky Products

Specifier Sealants from Sticky Products

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What Are They
The Everbuild Tecnic range of specifier sealants are very high-quality professional sealants and primers designed to set the industry standard.

Why Use Them
Easily able to seal and bond a variety of different substrates including wood, glass, stone & metal; specifier sealants offer the best solution when quality is the priority. This can be the case particularly when health & safety plays an important factor in choosing the right sealant for the application.

Ideal uses
Despite offering strong performance across most applications, specifier sealants can stand out from the competition when sealing against fire/heat, acoustics, sanitary risks and more. They are also particularly useful to those in the roofing & cladding, plastering & stucco, building & construction and glass & glazing industries.

Where have they been used
There are numerous case studies on the Everbuild Tecnic website including hospitals, dealerships, prisons, stadiums, factories, arenas and more. To find out more information on these, visit the Everbuild Tecnic website here.

How to use them
The application method for each specifier sealants will differ slightly although most can be applied using a traditional cartridge sealant gun. Always consult each sealant’s instructions before applying to determine optimal application conditions.

The Sticky Products range
Our range of comes from the Everbuild Tecnic range and includes polymer, polyurethane, silicone and epoxy sealants along with sealant primers. All of these products are sourced directly from Everbuild.

To browse our full range of specifier sealants, please click here.