The Sticky Products Ultimate Guide to Sealants

The Sticky Products Ultimate Guide to Sealants

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At Sticky Products, we stock a huge range of Sealants for you to buy. Although this means you will always find the right sealant for your application, it's the "finding it" that can become an issue if you're not 100% sure what you're looking for. That's where this guide comes in, helping you to narrow down your search and find the sealant you need.

Silicone sealants
Probably the most common type of sealant, silicone sealants often come in one of three different types; high modulus acetoxy, low modulus acetoxy and low modulus neutral. To find the right sealant, you need to make sure you are looking for the right modulus and type of cure.

Types of modulus

Low modulus sealants
Of the two types of sealant modulus; low modulus allows much more movement and are softer to the touch. This makes them more accustomed to exterior applications.

High modulus sealants
In contrast, high modulus sealants offer considerably less movement thrive in interior applications.

Types of cure

Acetoxy cure sealants
Although both types cure through reacting with moisture within the atmosphere, acetoxy sealants can give off a vinegary odour during the curing process. They tend to be high modulus, however low modulus acetoxy sealants are not uncommon, and offer a faster curing process.

Neutral cure sealants
Alternatively, neutral sealants give off no strong odours during the curing process and are almost always low modulus.

Choosing the right sealant

Interior applications
For an interior application, you will likely require a high modulus acetoxy sealant. These are ideal for jobs such as sealing around windows, doors, kitchen units, electrical components or for draught sealing. When containing a fungicide, it can also be used to seal around showers, basins, baths, tiles and other sanitary applications.

Exterior applications
In exterior applications, the better choice would be a low modulus neutral sealant due to their ability to provide a more weatherproof seal capable of allowing some movement. Some example applications could be sealing panel or concrete joints, or the exterior sealing of windows and doors.

If you're unsure of what would be best for your application, low modulus acetoxy sealants offer a great option as an “all-rounder”. Although they don't offer the same level of adhesion or life-span of the above sealants, they are suited to a wide variety of applications even if just as a short-term measure.

Specialist sealants

Acrylic sealants
Ideal for use around wood, aluminium, and UPVC, acrylic sealants are a cost-effective, paintable alternative to silicone sealants. There are some slight drawbacks of acrylic sealants due to them having less flexibility than silicones and requiring dry and warm application conditions. However as mentioned above, they do offer fantastic value alternatives when these are drawbacks prevent no issues. Two of our most popular acrylic sealants are Everbuild's 175 and 195.

Intumescent sealants
Developed with fire retarding and acoustic properties, intumescent sealants can help stop the passing of smoke, vapours and sounds. If you're looking for a fire rated intumescent sealant we'd recommend Everbuild Fire Mate. Or if you're looking for a sealant on the more acoustic end of the scale, we'd suggest the Everbuild AC95.

Polymer sealants
Considered to be another fantastic “all-rounder”, polymer sealants often offer flexibility, durability and are paintable. They are commonly used in applications where there may be frequent strain or vibration. Everbuild Crystal Clear is a brilliant value choice or if you require something a bit more specialist, you may want to opt for the Everbuild Tecnic Hybriflex 480.

Polyurethane sealants
Incredibly elastic under all conditions and water resistant, polyurethane sealants adhere brilliantly to fibreglass and metals. A standout in this category is the Everbuild Puraflex 40.

High-temperature sealants
Often used to form extremely high-temperature resistant gasket joints, high-temperature sealants are also commonly used to seal and bond oven doors. A very popular high-temperature sealant in our range is the Everbuild Heat Mate, available in black or red.

Roof and gutter sealants
Highly rubberised sealants, they excel in bedding roof sheets and felts and are also great for repairing leaking gutters, downpipes and flashings. Everbuild Roof & Gutter Sealant is a fantastic choice in the category.

Food grade sealants
Specifically formulated for applications with potential food contact (such as raw meat) these sealants are mildew resistant and can work under low temperatures. This allows them to be commonly used in cold rooms and refrigeration units. Our most popular food grade sealant is the Everbuild 565.

Aquarium sealants
Using a 100% fish and reptile safe formula, aquarium sealants perfect for sealing aquariums and terrariums. If you're looking for an aquarium sealant, we'd recommend looking no further than the brilliant Everbuild Aqua Mate.