Woodwork & Joinery – The Sticky Products Collection

Woodwork & Joinery – The Sticky Products Collection

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After our recent World Cup Of Trade Workers Twitter competition, in which Joiners narrowly missed out on the crown, we thought now would be the perfect time to tell you a little bit more about our Woodwork & Joinery industry collection.

The Collection
Packed with our range of wood treatments, adhesives and fillers; the collection has every Sticky Products item a woodworker, joiner or carpenter could need. The collection is home to the Everbuild Lumberjack, Sikabond & SikaGard range and also features a sub-collection for Wood Preservatives & Timber Treatments.

The Everbuild Lumberjack Range
A specialist line of products made for the woodwork & joinery industries, the Everbuild Lumberjack range has proven to be extremely popular among trade workers. Home to wooden floor primers & adhesives, fence treatments, wood preservers and woodworm treatments; the range is accompanied by Everbuild’s other wood focused products.

Wood Preservatives & Timber Treatments
If you’re looking to preserve or treat your latest work, it may be worthwhile jumping straight into our sub-collection to speed up the shopping process even more. Again housing top brands such as Everbuild and SikaGard, simply click the eye icon and choose your options to quickly add a product to your cart.

Trade accounts
If you haven’t already, pair this collection with one of our trade accounts to take your shopping experience from minutes to seconds. Register today and save multiple shipping addresses to speed up the checkout process. And once your order is placed, you’ll also be able to track it online.