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It'll come as no surprise to learn that, here at Sticky Products, we specialise in stocking a wide selection of builder's adhesive and grab adhesive solutions - after all, it's in our name! We pride ourselves on providing trade-quality products such as builder's adhesive solutions that you can really count on.

If you're looking for grab adhesives and builder's adhesives for a whole range of applications, then we're here to help. Our grab adhesives are of the highest possible quality, supplied by Everbuild, and include solvent-free products designed for use in home improvements and industrial locations. Wood, brick, plaster, plastic and beyond - our grab adhesive stock are sure to deliver the sort of quick-bonding solutions you're looking for. 

Our adhesive products also include wood adhesives, available in liquid, gel and aerosol forms, professionally designed for use on all wood surfaces, including flooring, chipboard, and even staircases and boats. What's more, many of our wood adhesives feature super-quick-setting with exceptional bond strength, meaning you can get on with your work without wasting time, while the adhesives are drying hard. 

Looking for builder's adhesive and grab adhesive products that'll get the job done right? Stick with us, we've got you covered.

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