3M DP 8005 Scotch-Weld EPX Acrylic Adhesive
3M DP 8005 Scotch-Weld EPX Acrylic Adhesive

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3M DP 8005 Scotch-Weld Structural Adhesive is a two part acrylic adhesive which has a 10:1 mix ratio by volume. Scotch-Weld Adhesive DP 8005 provides high quality bonding performance on most low surface energy plastics, including polypropylene, polyethylene and thermoplastic olefins, without surface treatment. Scotch-Weld™Adhesive DP 8005 can replace screws, rivets, plastic welding and two-stage processes that include priming and surface treatments.

Price per Carton (12 Cartridges per Carton)

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