3M DP609 Scotch-Weld Adhesive - 12 x 50ml cartridges
3M DP609 Scotch-Weld Adhesive - 12 x 50ml cartridges

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This is a flexible structural adhesive which cures quickly at room temperature and is particularly effective for bonding plastics and painted or primed metal surfaces. After application from the cartridge the product has a work life before contact with the second surface of approximately 9 minutes at 23°C and develops handling strength in approximately one hour. Full strength will build up over 24 hours and there can be further strength build-up over longer periods e.g. up to 30 days on some plastics.

The product exhibits good flow from the cartridge together with good non-sag properties which make it highly suitable for application to vertical surfaces. The non-sag properties also give this product excellent gap filling capability. Bonds are characterised by excellent flexibility, high strain capability, high
toughness and ability to retain high strength over a wide temperature range. The product performs especially well at very low temperatures.

Price per Carton ( 12 Cartridges per carton)

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