Anti-Slip Tapes

Anti-Slip Tapes

Sticky products are one of the leading suppliers of non slip stair treads and anti slip tapes. With our range of anti slip tapes you will be able to reduce accidents caused by slippery, sloping or uneven surfaces.

Wherever foot-traffic occurs and slipping is a possibility – such as ladders, factory floors and surfaces prone to wetness – our high tack anti slip tape ensures everyone will tread safely. With durable, abrasive particles, the tape will provide effective grip for years to come.
In places where you require extra care as well as extra grip, our hazard warning tape provides the ideal solution. This anti slip, high visibility tape prevents stumbles and highlights areas where caution is required.
Our range of glow-in-the-dark, non slip stair treads offer additional safety by providing visibility in even the darkest of conditions. These high tack, photoluminescent tapes absorb energy from natural or artificial lighting then emit an unmissable glow when the light fades.
If you would like more information about our selection of non slip stair treads and anti slip tapes, we have expert technical support on hand to offer advice.

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When applied, 3M Anti-Slip Tape creates a very safe slip resistant surface that is stong, durable and resistant to chemicals. The 3m anti-slip tape is not only easy to install, but when installed c...
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Everbuild Mammoth Anti-Slip Tape has a durable silicone grit based surface with an instant high quality adhesive that adheres to surfaces well. Anti-Slip Tape is designed to provide additional grip...
Glow in the dark (photoluminescent) anti slip tape can be charged by natural or artificial lighting.  It's glow in the dark appearance and excellent anti slip performance make this tape ideal for e...
A high strength, non tearing, high tack anti-slip tape offering maximum slip resistance for industrial safety applications such as shop floors, stairs, loading ramps, ladders, vehicles and marine a...

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