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HomeBuilders Putty & Fillers

Sticky Products are pleased to offer some fantastic options for builders filler and builders putty, an integral part of many different building projects. All of the products that we stock are designed for ease of use and high-quality results - the Everbuild 101 Linseed Oil builders putty, for instance, has a far simpler application process than many of the alternatives, saving you time and energy!

All of the builders filler and putty that we stock also boasts added plasticiser, to help adhesion and prevent cracking, and an extended shelf life. This means that you are much less likely to find yourself wasting money by throwing out unused putties or fillers that have gone out of date. 

We care about the business that we're in, and that's why we ensure that all of the products found here at Sticky Products have been hand-picked for excellence. Our aim is to work side by side with you, the customers, to ensure that every need is being met.

Whether you're a professional looking to stock up on the tools of the trade, or a home-owner with a specific task that needs to be completed, you'll find that the builders filler and putty we stock is more than up to the job - and if you have additional requirements, we'll always be happy to help you out.

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