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However challenging your carpet installation, we have tapes that are made to make your life easier. Whether laying carpets, splicing underlay, fitting hard floors or protecting carpet while you decorate, our range of specialist tapes will keep your floor covering fixed firmly in place and looking fantastic, however much wear it receives.
From familiar single-sided, high-tack tape used for splicing underlay and carpets to double-sided, extra-sticky tape used for heavy duty applications, we have tapes for every purpose. But, of course, fitting flooring is only part of the job, which is why we supply Impact Bonding Tape to instantly secure plastic skirtings, corner guards and wall protection without the mess and delays of traditional adhesives and fixings.
Once the flooring is installed you don’t want to mess it up when decorating the walls. Carpet and wooden floor protective covers offer a light adhesive film which can be easily applied to all types of flooring. Simply remove once you have finished for a blemish-free renovation.
Our collection of carpet and flooring products provide the perfect fix for all flooring possibilities. With so much choice, why not take advantage of our free technical support?