Duct & Gaffer Tapes

    73 products

    73 products

    Duct tapes (single sided matt and waterproof cloth tapes) have numerous uses, from splicing carpets together to providing the grip on hockey sticks. Whatever you industry, there are many different applications for duct tape, and we provide the widest selection of duct tapes that you could possibly need.
    Whether sealing glazing units, repairing cracked drainpipes or laying carpet, we have the duct tape for you. With their characteristic combination of high tack adhesive, waterproof properties and tough-yet-easy-to-tear cloth backing, our duct tapes provide invaluable benefits across an assortment of projects.
    We have coloured duct tapes, for when visibility and identification is a priority, and we have the extraordinary, high performance, rubber-based Alien Tape for out of this world performance.
    With so many duct tapes to choose from and so many possible uses, you may require some expert advice. No problem – our technical support team is always happy to help.