Expanding Foam Sealants

Expanding Foam Sealants

Simply spray our expanding foam sealants into any gaps or crevices and watch the results for yourself! They offer tight seals but are so easy to use! These products can be used for general construction and home improvement applications. Some gaps need sealing; it’s an unavoidable fact of life. Our expanding foam tapes make the job easy by providing a weather tight air and dust seal which lasts. Each of our breakthrough products has excellent resistance to UV light, mildew and ageing, as well as being double sided and self adhesive for speedy application.

Types of Expanding Foam Tape

With applications ranging from roof construction to sealing between concrete sections, it’s important to choose a suitable foam tape. We offer an unrivalled range of thicknesses, widths and lengths in carton sizes to suit your requirements. While air, dust and semi acoustic seals require a tape twice the size of the gap, a high acoustic seal and protection against penetrating water requires four times the gap size. Choose dimensions which suit your purpose, and rest assured all our expanding foam tapes are pre-compressed for easy storage and application. Quality Which Lasts Whether you work in construction, manufacturing or any other industry, product durability is important. Each of our professional quality sealant tapes has been selected for offering optimum performance. Leading brand Flowseal create expanding foam tapes which hold out under continuous moving cycles, making them perfect for use as weather stripping on door or window frames. The self adhesive products are also used to reduce vibration in dashboard assemblies. The impregnated foam is ideal for shock absorption, and it also resists UV light and dust so it’s perfect in horizontal joints of building facades and on brickwork. The strong tack fixes to concrete, plastics, steel, timber or fibrous material and won’t dry out or extrude from a joint when squeezed. 

Our expanding foam tape, also known as Flowseal is the professional sealant choice for demanding applications where continued seal protection through expansion and contraction of substrates is vita...

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