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Whether manufacturing, fitting or repairing windows, the right tools for the job are essential. And nothing is more essential to a successful outcome than the tapes, glues and sealants that you use. Get it right and your window will last a lifetime. Get it wrong and your glazing could soon come to a sticky end.
Whatever tape you require, you will be sure to find it here. We have everything from everyday edging tape for double glazing units to specialist double-sided polyurethane foam tape, resistant to extreme temperatures and even dilute acid attack.
If you are looking for adhesive, we have the perfect glue for every task, from securing mitres to accelerating the bonding power of superglues.
There have never been so many sealants and fillers to choose from.
From familiar caulk to the latest in fire retardant foam technology, our wide-ranging selection will ensure you always have the most appropriate product at hand whenever you need it.
Of course, when we assembled the ultimate selection of glazing products, there were bound to be some that would not fit into any obvious category. So we created a new category for them: Miscellaneous Glazing Products. This section contains everything from products that prevent breakages during transportation to silicone removers that leave every surface completely silicone-free.
If you are unsure about which products are best for your particular project, we have expert technical support on hand to offer help and advice to ensure you get what you need to complete the job without a hitch. And we won’t let delivery charges get in the way either. You can have as many products as you like delivered to your door for a flat fee of £3.99. The more you order, the more you save.