3M 10 Scotch-Weld Contact Adhesive - 2 x 5L cans
3M 10 Scotch-Weld Contact Adhesive - 2 x 5L cans


3M 10 Scotch-Weld Contact Adhesive is a brushable, light yellow coloured contact adhesive.

This 3M scotch weld adhesive is an air drying contact adhesive which bonds immediately and permanently upon application of contact pressure and does not require clamping or fixturing. 3M Scotch-Weld Contact Adhesive 10 bonds many decorative and high-pressure laminates, aluminium, steel, particleboard, wood and other porous and non-porous surfaces materials to each other or to themselves.

This product can also be purchased as 6 x 1L cans.

Benefits, Markets and Applications
  • Similar in performance to 5
  • Brushable with higher coverage
  • Meets requirements of MMM-A-121, MMM-A-130B, and A-A-1936A
  • General industrial
  • Bonding, adhering, glueing, joining and attaching

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