Scapa 2952 Large Area Masking Tape - 30 x 550mm x 18m rolls


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Scapa 2952 Large Area Masking Tape is a two in one product: an electrostatic film strip made of polyethylene, pretaped on one side by a rubber adhesive coated cloth tape. Scapa 2952 is transparent (film) and blue (masking tape).

  • Extra large surface protection during facade renovation.
  • Interior/ exterior usage
  • Wide protection against paint projections in a construction site.
  • Ideal for outdoor protection where high stability is required
Features & Benefits:
  • Time saving and long term protection
  • Quick and simple application (2 in 1 solution)
  • Good adhesion on most difficult surfaces.
  • Neat and clean Edges
  • Good peel adhesion.
  • Suitable for brush, roller and spray gun applications.
  • Good resistance to water and chemical agents.
  • No staining.
  • The electrostatic and high density allows immediate adhesion on windows etc...and avoids drippings .
Technical data & MSDS
Technical Datasheet

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