Road Repair & Surfacing Tapes

Road Repair & Surfacing Tapes

When conducting road repairs & surfacing, it's vitally important to mark off areas such as kerbs & drains. This can help ensure they are clearly visible and easily accessible when needed.

The range of tapes below are ideal for line marking & masking off in all weather conditions.

If you require large quantities of these tapes, it may be worth visiting our Business-2-Business website

Performance Waterproof Cloth Tape is a single sided high tack waterproof cloth tape ideal for line marking & masking off areas during road repairs & surfacing. Once applied the high tack ad...
Our Unbleached Cloth Tape is ideal for use during road repairs & surfacing as a line marking & masking off tape.Features and Benefits:   High stain & corrosion resistance. Good tempera...
Waterproof, strong and easy to apply and tear, our Utility Waterproof Cloth Tape is an economy grade duct tape suitable for masking off areas & line marking during road repairs & surfacing....

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