Choose from our wide selection of sealant products including silicone sealants, hand held & gun grade expanding foams, fillers & putties, as well as foam backer rod for sealant support applications.

Whether you are caulking gaps and cracks in decorating applications, or filling/fixing/insulating using expanding foam type sealants, we are sure we can supply the product you need.

If you can not see the sealant you are looking for or would like more information on a product, feel free to contact us on 01724 749020 and we will discuss your requirements in more detail.

Alternatively, our Product Collections section may be home to the product you require.

3M 550FC Scotch-Weld Sealer is a one component moisture curing general purpose polyurethane sealer that bonds and seals a huge range of substrates.3M 550FC offers excellent weathering and oil resis...

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