Survey & Line Markers

Survey & Line Markers

In the construction trade, there are few things as important as accuracy. The skill to get the job done right first time, without mistake, is vital not only for your company's reputation, but also your professional pride. As the old saying goes: 'Measure twice, cut once.' Such precision is best achieved with line marker spray paint, so you can keep track of positions, while getting on with the work at hand.

Here at Sticky Products we understand just how important that is, which is why we stock trade-quality line marker paint, so you can feel confident in the work you're carrying out. Our survey marker paint, such as the Everbuild Surveyline Line Marking Paint, is crafted specifically for contractors and surveyors working on a range jobs, from highlighting pot holes and machinery positions to highway maintenance and turf marking. In addition to this semi-permanent solution, we also stock permanent line marking paint, like the Everbuild Trafficline Line Marking Paint, for use on concrete and asphalt, amongst many other surfaces. This product is designed for markings in car parks, warehouses, on tennis courts, or wherever else you need painted line markings.

Should you require semi-permanent or fully permanent line marker spray paint solutions, then we're confident you'll find what you're looking for right here at Sticky Products.

Everbuild Surveyline Line Marking Paint is a spray applied solvent based marking paint for general contractors/surveyors spot marking. Colour coded for gas, electric, water and cable company use.Ev...
Everbuild Trafficline Line Marking Paint is a spray applied solvent based permanent marking paint for traffic line marking. Heavy duty high build formulation for use over concrete, asphalt and most...

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