Wood Preserver & Treatments

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    2 products

    Have you been on the hunt for wood preservatives? Then you've come to the right place. Here at Sticky Products, we specialise in and supply a whole range of wood preserver products that will ensure total protect and a solid finish to any job. 

    Caring for wood of any kind is made easy when choosing our stock of exterior wood preservative, wood fillers and varnishes. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional tradesman, you can be confident that any wood preserver, filler or varnish you buy from us will do the job you need it to. All of our brands are of the highest possible quality, crafted by some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Everbuild and Sika, guaranteed to protect your timber at all times.Our outstanding wood preservatives and treatments include the SikaGard Decking Wood Preservative, which will protect your timber against rot, decay and algae. As you'd expect from unparalleled clear wood preservers such as these, they're not only incredible durable, but also long-lasting and rapid-drying. 

    Isn't it time you showed the wood you're working with some TLC? With our extensive selection of wood preservatives, treatments, fillers and varnishes, you start the job, and we'll provide the finish.

    The warm subtle colours of well looked after wooden features can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your home and garden. At Sticky Products, we’ve put together a wide range of Wood care products, hand-picked for their quality from trustworthy brands so you can preserve or bring the life back into banisters, fences, garden furniture, window frames, ornaments and other woodwork around the home or garden.

    If you’re looking to restore or protect exterior woodwork such as fences, garden furniture and decking, then be sure to use an exterior wood treatment. Our specialist exterior wood stains and varnishes are hard wearing, designed to resist the elements to prevent warping, rotting and discolouration.

    For interior wood care projects such as doors, door frames and shelving, check out our great range of wood stains and varnishes from Everbuild. If you’re looking to restore existing slightly damaged woodwork, you’ll find everything you need in our wood fillers range – wood fillers are ideal for quick touch-ups and repairs before applying a final coat of wood stain and varnish.

    Protect your wooden furnishing and fittings on a regular basis to protect and prevent the effects of everyday wear and tear, and even restore the natural beauty of existing wooden furnishes.