3M 3762 Low Melt Hot Melt Adhesive - 5kg carton
3M 3762 Low Melt Hot Melt Adhesive - 5kg carton

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3M 3762 Scotch Weld Hot Melt adhesive has a low melt, and is 100% solids thermoplastic adhesive. Excellent hot tack designed for packaging applications.

It features excellent "hot tack", and bonds to beadboard, corrugated materials, and displays. Made from components listed as indirect food additives under FDA regulation for adhesives.

Benefits, Markets and Applications:
  • Low temperature applied packaging adhesive.
  • Excellent hot tack
  • 100 percent solids
  • Woodworking, furniture, automotive, transportation, aerospace, general industrial, upholstery, point of purchase display, sample boards, military, window, door, building, trophies, novelties, audio components, cabinets, construction, packaging, electronics and product assembly.
  • Assembly, assembling joining, attaching, securing, repairing, potting, panel bonding, wire tacking, bundling, sealing, encapsulating, rigidizing, foam bonding, glueing, packaging, adhering, and closing.
Price is based on one case ( 5kg Quadrack in a case)