3M 847 Scotch-Weld Oil Resistant Adhesive
3M 847 Scotch-Weld Oil Resistant Adhesive

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3M 847 Scotch-Weld High Performance Rubber and Gasket Adhesive is a high strength, fast setting nitrile based adhesive which has excellent resistance to oil, fuel and other aliphatic hydrocarbons, and is also resistant to most migratory plasticisers.

High quality multi-purpose adhesive that rapidly develops strong flexible bonds across a wide range of substrates, including: rubbers, gasketing materials and leather with exceptional resistance to most fuels and oils.   

  • Suitable nitrile and other rubbers to metal, glass, plastics and most other surfaces. Also suitable for bonding gaskets to oil filters etc.
  • Widely used throughout the electronic, radio and TV industries.
  • Rapid bond time
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