3M Adhesive Transfer Tape Double Linered 8132LE Transparent - 1 x 0.91m x 609.6mm cases


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For applications requiring premium performance and a moderate profile, use our versatile Adhesive Transfer Tape Double Linered 8132LE. This 50µm tape is a market leading solution for bonding plastics in a variety of applications across a broad spectrum of industries. It offers good chemical, humidity and moisture resistance, as well as performance across a wide temperature range. The bond strength increases as a function of time and temperature, and has very high initial adhesion. This tape is supplied with two liners. The primary liner is a printed 58 lb. polycoated kraft paper liner. The secondary liner is an 83 lb. polycoated kraft paper liner, making it ideal for countless die cutting and converting applications and easy after market installation processes. High Strength Acrylic Adhesive 300LSE family, this tape is manufactured using a solventless manufacturing process. meets UL 969 (reference file PGGU2.MH26206).

3M Adhesive Transfer Tape Double Linered 8132LE, Transparent, 610 mm x 914 mm