3M Aluminium Foil Tape 433 Silver - 24 x 55m x 51mm x 0.1mm rolls


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Our 3M High Temperature Aluminum Foil Tape 433 is designed to excel in a variety of seaming, splicing and sealing applications where high temperatures are a concern. This dead soft aluminium backed tape is coated with a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive that bonds to a variety of difficult substrates while maintaining a strong and reliable bond, even at high temperatures.

This tape boasts an excellent performance range from 54 °C to 316 °C and meets flame resistance requirements of F.A.R. 25.853(a) and is a UL Recognised component (file QQQW2.MH122798).

Recommended applications:

€¢ High temperature heat shielding applications
€¢ Splice jumbo rolls of aluminium foil
€¢ Hold last lap of narrow width rolls during metal annealing process
€¢ Cover heating elements or wires to distribute heat

3M Aluminium Foil Tape 433, Silver, 51 mm x 55 m