3M Double Coated Synthetic Foam Tape 4614F Clear - 1 x 33m x 295mm roll


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Dream, Design, Deliver with the 3M High Grade Double Coated Foam Tape 4614.

It utilizes a general purpose adhesive. It is commonly used in applications to join transparent material or where clear or colourless tape is preferred. It offers good adhesion to metal, glass and plastics such as polycarbonate and acrylic. It has been designed to be suitable for a range of bonding applications which require a level of adhesion higher than standard double coated foam tapes but perhaps lower than higher performance 3M VHB tapes. Typical applications include: Bonding clear materials in applications such as commercial signing and point of purchase.

3M Double Coated Synthetic Foam Tape 4614F, Clear 295 mm x 33 m