3M EPX 490 ML Manual Applicator 1/Cs - 1 x 490ml applicator


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Dispenses Two Component 3M Scotch Weld Structural Adhesives

Our 3M Scotch Weld EPX (Exact Proportioning and mixing) manual applicators make dispensing our two component 3M Scotch Weld Structural Adhesives clean, easy and with minimal waste. Manual hand motion drives the dual pistons directly into the Duo Pak cartridge, applying equal pressure and feeding the two components of the adhesive directly into the mixing nozzle (sold separately). These manual applicators offer take it to the job convenience: no air hoses or electrical cords necessary.
Recommended Applications: Panel to frame/stiffener to panel, Small joint assembly, Mounting and trim attachment, Sealing, potting and encapsulating, Large surface lamination, Applications where precision mixing is required.

Mixes as it Dispenses, Minimizing Material Waste

3M Scotch Weld Manual Applicators ensure accurate measurement, thorough mixing and precise placement of material. Other advantages include improved mixing ratio accuracy with no hand mixing required and efficient use of adhesive.
Choose original 3M Scotch Weld EPX Mixing Nozzles to ensure the accurate performance of our 3M Scotch Weld EPX Applicators for the ideal system for assembly, maintenance and in field service.

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3M EPX 490 ML Manual Applicator 1/Cs