3M Flame Retardant Sealing Tape 398FR White - 24 x 32.9m x 5.1cm x 0.18mm rolls


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Use 3M Glass Cloth Tape 398FR as a flame retardant solution for many aerospace and MRO applications. Our cloth tape bonds to a variety of substrates due to its pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. High conformability allows our tape to bond over a variety of difficult textures and uneven or curved surfaces.

It has a high adhesion bond that will remain secure for extended periods of time while resisting wear and spills, and an acrylic adhesive that has excellent long ageing properties €“ ideal for many permanent applications.

Application ideas:

€¢ Sealing thermal and acoustic insulation panels where high adhesion and flame retardancy are needed.
€¢ Aircraft window sealing, duct sealing and seat repair.
€¢ Protection of wire harnesses, electrical cables or hoses from temperature extremes and abrasion.
€¢ Marine applications.
€¢ Many general industrial uses.

This glass cloth tape 398FR meets flame retardancy requirements of F.A.R. Part 25.853(a) and F.A.R. Part 25.855(d).

3M Flame Retardant Sealing Tape 398FR White 50.8 mm x 32.91 m