3M High Temperature Aluminium Foil/Glass Cloth Tape 363 Silver - 72 x 32.9m x 12.7mm x 0.2mm rolls


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3M High Temperature Aluminum Foil/Glass Cloth Tape 363 is a strong and flexible tape with high tensile strength, puncture and tear resistance. With a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive, our tape adheres well to silicone surfaces and over irregular or uneven substrates. It€™s light and heat reflective, plus it resists flame, moisture, weather and UV degradation. It is a chemical resistant, thermally conductive tape that performs consistently at temperatures ranging from 54 °C to 316 °C.

This tape meets the requirements of F.A.R. 25.853 (a). For applications requiring a die cut, this product is available with a liner.

Recommended applications:

€¢ Heat reflective wrap over insulation cables, instruments or other high temperature sensitive materials
€¢ Ideal for industrial applications that will be exposed to movement and vibration
€¢ Bundling wire harnesses
€¢ High temperature/performance applications in the aerospace, automotive and industrial industries

3M High Temperature Aluminium Foil/Glass Cloth Tape 363, Silver, 12 mm x 32 m