3M Low VOC Scrim Reinforced Transfer Tape 98010LVC - 24 x 50m x 1500mm rolls


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98010LVC is a low VOC and low FOG acrylic adhesive transfer tape with a scrim reinforced carrier designed for automotive interior applications on commonly used foam substrates, such as PU Ester and EPDM, as well as HSE and LSE substrates. The scrim carrier provides dimensional stability during lamination, but allows adhesive to flow through the scrim to maximize adhesion to rough, open cell surfaces. It offers more conformability to contoured surfaces than traditional double coated tapes and has short term temperature resistance up to 135°C. The tape is designed to meet low VOC requirements as set forth in the JAMA standard and VDA278 test method used by Automotive OEM's and related tier suppliers.

3M Low VOC Scrim Reinforced Transfer Tape 98010LVC