3M Plastic Film Tape 471 Yellow - 12 x 32.9m x 7.6cm x 0.1mm rolls


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3M Vinyl Tape 471 sticks on contact to a wide variety of surfaces for fast application with no dripping, drying, or cleanup necessary, and removes cleanly, leaving no sticky residue. Our vinyl tape is highly conformable, making it easy to apply to curved areas as well as rough or uneven surfaces.

Available in many distinctive colours, the tape can be used in temperatures ranging from 4.44 °C €“ 76.66 °C. Vinyl tapes are used to clearly mark lanes, corridors and hazardous or no go areas in factories, warehouses, and hospitals. Using vinyl tape for lane marking instead of painting eliminates the need to ventilate paint solvents, and since vinyl tapes can be removed quickly and cleanly, they are also a faster, more versatile, and less costly option than painting. These rugged tapes are also used in automotive maintenance and repair, construction, marine, commercial vehicle, and other industries.

Recommended applications:

€¢ Lane and safety marking applications
€¢ Temporary surface protection
€¢ Anodising and electroplating
€¢ Fine line paint masking
€¢ Colour coding
€¢ Canister and storage container sealing
€¢ Bundling and reinforcing
€¢ Decorating

3M Plastic Film Tape 471 Yellow 76.2 mm x 32.91 m