3M Polyester Tape 8422 Black - 24 x 66m x 51mm x 0.1mm rolls


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Ideal for splicing most film for processing through the developing chemicals. Rubber Adhesive Offers High Tack with Excellent Chemical Resistance

The durable backing of 3M Photo Film Splicing Tape 8422 (PDF, 9.86 Kb) is ideal for splicing most film for web and photo processing. The black opaque backing allows for splice identification with automatic sensors and equipment. In addition, the polyester provides additional abrasion protection for sealing, edging and Colour coding. The rubber adhesive sticks well to a variety of films, offers excellent chemical and solvent resistance, and features high shear strength. The tape remains flexible at 60°F ( 50°C) and is dimensionally stable up to 300°F (150°C).

Recommended Applications

Splicing of most photographic film through the chemical developing process
General wide web splicing, including butt splicing and core starting (PDF, 76.86 Kb)
Sealing, Colour coding, protecting and edging where a higher tack rubber adhesive is needed
Splicing applications with automatic sensors and equipment
Defect marking

3M Polyester Tape 8422, Black, 51 mm x 66 m