3M Polyethylene Tape 480 Transparent - 36 x 32.9m x 2.5cm x 0.1mm rolls


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Clear Tape for Splicing and Repairs
Our 3M Polyethylene Tape 480 stretches easily and is highly conformable for a tight seal over and around irregular surfaces. The smooth backing provides good solvent and alkali resistance. It meets MIL STD 2041D(SH) for leachable halogens, making it ideal for corrosion sensitive applications. The acrylic adhesive bonds to a variety of surfaces and can be used in many sealing, protecting, repair and patching applications. This resilient tape can be used in short term outdoor applications at temperatures as low 20°F/ 29°C and as high as 170°F/77°C.

Recommended Applications

Splicing and patching of polyethylene sheeting
Repairing awnings
Sealing on smooth and irregular surfaces
Surface protection
Short term outdoor repair applications

3M Polyethylene Tape 480, Transparent, 25 mm x 32 m