3M Riveters Tape 685 Transparent - 36 x 32.9m x 2.5cm x 0.04mm rolls


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Our 3M Riveters Tape 685 has broad temperature compatibility with operating temperatures ranging from 20°F ( 29°C) to 150° F (65°C). This product is used to hold rivets in place both prior to and during the riveting process. This simplifies the riveting process, saving the user time while increasing worker efficiency and throughput. Additionally, no adhesive is transferred to the rivet heads when using this tape.

Recommended Applications

Holding rivets in place prior to riveting
Holding rivets in place during riveting

Strong Adhesion and Improved Visibility
During the riveting process, it€™s essential to have a tape that firmly holds the rivet in place and prevents it from moving. Our 3M Riveters Tape 685 is up to the task €“ holding rivets firmly in place while resisting shattering or slivering. The uncoated centre window does not adhere to the rivets in order to eliminate potential adhesive transfer to the rivet heads. The transparent, tack free centre window improves visibility, reducing rework and time needed to complete the riveting process.

The rubber adhesive provides good immediate adhesion that resists stretching induced by bucking bar that might lead to film entrapment under the rivet head for ease of application and to reduce rework. Collectively these features make this tape ideally suited for use in a number of industries including:

Specialty vehicle
Military and government

3M Riveters Tape 685 Transparent 25.4 mm x 32.91 m