3M Scotch Masking Tape 202B Tan - 8 x 50m x 100mm rolls


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A Commonplace Tape
Immediately recognizable, 3M Crepe Masking Tape 202 is a high performance tape that™s especially good for holding, protecting, bundling and more. Constructed with a heavy, thick, crepe paper backing, this masking tape is reliable and easy to handle. This crepe paper masking tape is also designed with a natural rubber adhesive for good, instant adhesion and excellent holding power. Easy to tear and simple to apply, 3M Crepe Masking Tape 202 also has good transfer resistance for clean removal, which has made it a staple in classrooms.

Recommended Applications

Arts and crafts

What is Masking Tape?
Masking tape was developed specifically to help protect surrounding surfaces from overspray, provide clean paint lines, and remove easily and cleanly when finished. Masking tapes from 3M adhere well, resist solvents or water from the paint, and are strong enough to hang plastic sheeting, yet remove cleanly without damaging the subsurface. The backing, typically crepe paper, can conform to curved and irregular surfaces. The tape hand tears for tool free application.

3M Scotch Masking Tape 202B Tan 100 mm x 50 m