3M Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive 2214 - 2 x 1L canisters


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Pliable Paste Consistency Goes Where Needed with No Sagging
3M Scotch Weld Epoxy Adhesive 2214 Regular is an aluminum filled general purpose product for use in applications where high strength bonds are needed in a temperature range of 67°F to 250°F ( 53°C to 121°C). 3M Scotch Weld Epoxy Adhesive 2214 Hi Density includes additional de aeration for an extremely dense, void free bond line. Both epoxy adhesives may be applied by spatula, trowel, or flow equipment to meet your individual project requirements.
Recommended Applications

Bonding metals especially when high temperature strength is required

Understanding Epoxy Adhesives
Epoxy adhesives are part of the class of adhesives called structural adhesives, which include polyurethane, acrylic, cyanoacrylate and others. Epoxies are formulated as liquid reactive polymers that undergo a chemical reaction when mixed and then cure to form a solid plastic material. Once the two parts are mixed in their specified ratio, they begin the curing process and offer a limited working time where the adhesive can be applied and the two surfaces positioned as needed. This work life lasts anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. These structural adhesives provide high shear and peel strengths, depending on the formula, and better heat and chemical resistance than other common adhesives. In general, epoxy adhesives have the highest overall strength and offer the best performance and most resistance to high temperatures, solvents and outdoor weathering.
Epoxy adhesive (often referred to as epoxy glue) is widely used in building and home construction; aircraft and automobile manufacturing; bicycle, boat, golf clubs, ski and snowboard assembly as well as a host of home use and other applications. It is used virtually anywhere high strength bonds are needed along with resistance to environmental conditions. These adhesives are popular for their ease of use, mechanical strength and chemical resistance. Formulations can be created to make epoxy for plastic flexible or epoxy for metal rigid, epoxy resin transparent or opaque, quick setting or slow setting. The versatility with which these adhesives can be formulated helps meet almost any requirement for bonding wood, metal, glass, stone and various plastics.

3M Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive 2214, 1 L